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A task:

Promotional campaign in social networks


After updating the visual part of the brand, LAURI BROTHERS set a goal of attracting more followers on social networks. But subscribers are not easy, but targeted. To make it all work, a promotional campaign was created dedicated to the 200th completed project of the LB studio, in which they donate 100,000 UAH to one of those who fulfill the necessary conditions. Our main task was the packaging and design of all of the above.


Did you say the phrase "I and myself can have a good design at sebya at home sdelati..."? We're slashing. And konechno on/on can, but everything better will reach people kotorye in этом ponymayut bolshe chem you and already uspeshno realizala good two hundred projects. Tem bole kogda on eschie and daryat 100 thysyach on their services.